What We Offer

From product design to software delivery, bring your innovative ideas to life with Avonet.


Software Development

We have extensive experience in building innovative products and software. Let us help you build yours.

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Mobile and

Web Development

We specialise in crafting exceptional mobile applications that elevate your business to new heights.

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We’re passionate about Consulting, offering others Guidance in Innovation, Project Management and more.

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Hire Dedicated Squads

Whatever capabilities you need, we have the resources to help you. Boost your team or create a squad.

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At Avonet, we offer quality assurance and testing of software and apps, to put your mind at ease.

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Our expert architects design your product with exceptional prototypes, bringing your vision to life.

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Teck Stack

Choose battle-tested technologies with community support over hype


Utilizing robust backend technologies to power your web application efficiently and securely.


Incorporating top-tier frontend technologies to optimise web application functionality.


Implementing premier databases to elevate web application efficiency

Cloud, Infrastructure and Web

Deploying top-tier cloud, infrastructure, and web solutions for optimal performance

How It Works

Step One

Product Backlog

We start with Scope and Discovery to understand your product and vision. Defining the relationship you’d have with the users of your product is crucial to understanding the main features of your product and how the user will be guided. With this in mind, we produce the product backlog, which is a detailed list of everything that needs to be done to build your product, including estimating the time needed to complete each item. Finally, we define what’s needed to deliver the Minimal Viable Product(MVP).

Step Two

Experience Design

Detailed and interactive low and high fidelity prototypes are included in your product design, so that you have a clear idea of what your product will look like. We work with you through every stage of the design process until we’ve found the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Then, we establish a clear roadmap to building your product, including cost estimations and a realistic timeline for the build.

Step Three

Tech Architecture

Assembling the right team with Avonet will set you up for success. They will become your dedicated squad to realise your vision and build a quality product.

We provide the best and trending technical stack (a combination of technologies to build the project) for your product based on your product vision. We utilise Amazon Web Service (AWS) infrastructure for this purpose. AWS has many tools and functionalities that we, as experts, strategically optimise to achieve the maximum potential of AWS.

We design and present the software and implementation architecture based on the deployment strategy, whether mobile first, on-premise enterprise, cloud enterprise or cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). Our decision is based on whether the architecture is fit for the product road-map, transaction traffic, security and growth plan.

Step Four

Sprint Zero

At Avonet, we use the Scrum methodology for the delivery of your product. Sprint 0 kicks off the project, which involves collaborating with the whole team to set up the development environment, infrastructure and testing. This includes;

  • Setting up the development environment prior to starting the project.
  • Configuring the Central Repository (either Bitbucket or Git) to store all source code on the cloud for central access by developers.
  • Setting up Continuous Improvement and Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipeline. This ensures that every new feature, once developed, is automatically sent into the testing environment for developers, followed by a separate environment for client testing.
  • Configuring Code Quality and Vulnerability Assessment (VA) tools to automatically release the pipeline and run VA testing on demand.
  • Setting up infrastructure and integration architecture.
  • Configuring Testflight and other sandpit environments for client testing and review. Testflight is our go-to tool for mobile app testing.
  • Configuring the Test Automation tool, which allows you to cherry-pick the best automation platform for the product and then configure the platform to link to your product.
  • Defining the code review process, delegate peer reviewers and the Technical Lead reviewer.

Step Five


We love scrumming! Once Sprint 0 is complete, we get right into it. The Scrum framework is based on continuous learning and allows for adaptations to obstacles that arise throughout the project. Referring to the product backlog, we plan Sprints to complete each stage of the project (each Sprint is usually two to three weeks long), and a Sprint Goal to be achieved by the end of each Sprint.

A dedicated Scrum master will be provided to you based on the size of your project. They will ensure that the team is driving towards the Sprint Goal. A clear picture of delivery status will be provided by our scrum tool. You are welcome to join all our scrum ceremonies; planning, daily stand-ups (check-ins), product reviews, backlog refinements and retrospectives.

Step Six

Continuous Code Reviews

As we progress through the project, we must complete code reviews and checks. We use a static code analysis tool called Linting to flag any programming errors and suspicious bugs. The code is also peer reviewed and examined again by the Technical Lead of the project, before merging changes into the codebase.

Lastly, we plan for an on-going Vulnerability Assessment (VA) post go-live. Based on a configured VA tool, we identify and fix code vulnerabilities and provide long-term maintenance and support.